At Turn-Tex, we repair all types of oilfield machinery and equipment, including wireline, coil tubing, and completion parts. We repair a wide range of threads that are within our machining capabilities. We have decades of experience repairing malfunctioning equipment to better-than-new conditions and can provide you with the best option to get your company back to functioning at maximum efficiency.

We also service the general public in their heavy-duty machining needs. Tractors, vehicles, wheels, shafts, key ways, and custom prototype parts as well. If you have damaged or worn parts, contact Turn-Tex Machine & Tool to work with our professional repair experts and capabilities.

Comparison Between New And Old Machine Part | Turn-Tex

Custom Work & Prototyping

• Prototypes, modifications and custom machining exceeding factory specs to improve performance for today’s equipment

• Send us a new or used sample and we will provide you with an estimate.