Turn-Tex has served the oil/gas well industry since 1980. Our goal is to supply high-quality products at reasonable competitive prices. The TTM profile landing nipples and crossovers are used by major suppliers of completion equipment as well as the small independent packer companies. TTM maintains a small inventory of downhole tools, but the majority of our business is manufacturing parts per requests.  Because of our commitment to our customers and because of our highly-skilled employees we have the flexibility to respond quickly to last-minute and specialty orders.  We keep several grades of stainless and several grades of chrome on hand for use in hostile or sour service environments.

Some of the products that Turn-Tex Machine supplies to the oil and gas industry are listed below:

  • Re-entry Guides
  • Mule-shoed Guides
  • Sliding Sleeves
  • Pump-out-plugs
  • Blast joints
  • Flow coupling
  • Stingers (seal nipples)
  • Crossover subs
  • Landing nipples
  • Profile nipples
Made In The U.S.A. | Turn-Tex
Various Landing Nipples In A Line | Turn-Tex

Our Products

Turn-Tex Machine stocks high-quality oil and gas downhole products sourced from first-rate materials.  Some of our products include landing nipples, crossovers, blast joints, and couplings. We specialize in custom work.  Contact us for a quote.

Our Products
CNC Milling | Turn-Tex

Our Services

Turn-Tex Machine & Tool provides quality milling and lathe machining services as well as our down-hole oil and gas products. TTM specializes in producing precision prototype and production parts from 1/8″ up to 26″ in diameter.

Our Services
Okuma Lathe | Turn-Tex

Highest Quality

At TTM, quality and pride in our work is our highest priority. When working with Turn-Tex, we are committed to continuous process improvement, achieving zero defects and 100% on-time delivery performance.  Our parts are sourced from only the finest materials.