CNC Mill Machining

Turn-Tex specializes in CNC milling and drilling, featuring three specialty mills, including Daewoo, Hurco, and Lagun. Using CNC mills, we have rapid turnaround with highly accurate tapping/thread milling parts. Additionally, we can provide keyways, slots, set screws, and 4th axis capabilities. CNC machining is also perfect for small quantity or large scale jobs, ranging from 1 to 10,000 parts. We would love to be the solution to your custom job, and you can select from a variety of finishes on solid metal parts that are built to precise design specifications. Contact us today for a quote on our milling services.

CNC Milling | Turn-Tex
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CNC Mill Equipment Axis Travel Range
  X Y Z
Daewoo Mill 29″ 16″ 21″
Hurco Mill VMX84 84″ 32″ 30″
Lagun Manual Mill 36″ 24″ 18″