Turn-Tex landing nipples are profiled subs that typically run below retrievable or permanent packers that provide a method of placing various flow control devices in the completion string. Landing nipples feature an internal sealbore and profile to accept a locking device to anchor flow control accessories. Sealbores and lock profiles are machined to match a variety of connection systems and are available full-opening or slightly restricted with a no-go to provide a positive stop for a flow control device. Landing nipples are sized to match tubing sizes, while sealbore sizes are available to match a variety of weights and connection systems. Turn-Tex can offer most common landing nipple profiles that are currently available, including:

  • TX Profiles
  • TXN Profiles
  • TR Profiles
  • TRN Profiles
Landing Nipples In A Line | Turn-Tex
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Landing Nipple – Threads

Turn-Tex also specializes in blank profile nipples to the exact specification for premium threads such as JFE Bear & Vam Services. All of our threads are cut by a licensed threader and we would love to evaluate your custom project. The main types of thread we carry are:

  • EU 8 Round
  • PH-6 Type
  • CS Hydril Type